Saturday, May 31, 2008


MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

"smiles davis"

that's what my wife just called my son.....that's precious.

Manhattan Skyline

I love this band, and I love this song.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Every now and then, you come across a band from the annals of time that absolutely blows your fucking mind, and you attempt to rationalize how in gods name you made it this far without knowing jack shit about them.

And the worst part about it is it wasn't even suggested by a dear friend or dremt about in a holy vision from god.

oh no, it was piped in through some retarded source like vh1 classic on a saturday afternoon or youtube of all places.

That's how I found out about sparks, and quite frankly, I have no idea why this band never conquered the world like the who or the rolling stones or something. I mean, damn man.

so many things, so many facinating tiny facts I want to outline, here are a few
-they're brothers.
-they've been doing music for almost 40 years nonstop
-that moustache.
-they're from LA! not england! (though they admit to being anglophiles)

so go buy 32 of their albums and go to one of their shows.

DJ copy is the bomb digity

SO Jonbro let me borrow this album called HAIR GUITAR by DJ COPY. It's nice and happy! The best way I can think to describe it is slightly midish-arpy-disco-synth pop with a healthy slab of production gravy. The mood is very fanciful, but not gayly so. DEFINITELY cheer up music. There are these smidges of shredish riffs and solos which are vrry nice. Alot of the songs have this really awesome epic kind of fantasy vibe to them which I totally dig. hardcore even.

When you buy it from Audio Dregs it comes with BONE THUGS N HARMONY N COPY.

IT IS MY SUGGESTION is that you buy the vinyl record, cause it's only 10$ and it comes with both the bonus cd and access to mp3 downloads + a cdr of HAIR GUITAR. that's a shitload of stuff for 10$. IF that's STILL too much for yo po ass, access to the mp3 downloads are only 6$(sans BONE cdr): that's roughly the price of a value meal, and I for one think this album is worth skipping several meals and then some.


Myspace is the ultimate internet-music double edged blade. Never before have so many depressingly unfit for real life people made such catastrophically horrible, HORRIBLE music. Sometimes you really can't tell if it's a joke, and other times you KNOW it's not a joke, and yes, the middle school white rapper's mom really did comment on his page and tell him he was "da illest",and that she was his "numba 1 fan".
On the OTHER hand, it's a great way to browse music and meet people that you would NEVER EVER bump into under any other circumstances. I got my first track into print through myspace. I met Jason (dj socky) and mike (polygonskull), and now they're releasing my album under his label, Fantasy Violence Records

Here are interesting artists I've found on myspace:

A myspace artist I'm more than jazzed by is Teen Moms. He's got this green-myspace artist feel to him, but the fun in his music outshines the slight gameboy/fl studio vibe. creme of the myspace electro-dance crop.

Teen moms' myspace (at least 3 free downloads there)

Freddy Rupert makes some very interesting music, and has some of the most engaging live shows I've ever seen. He's garnered alot of attention and critical acclaim with his project "This Song is a Mess, but So Am I". I absolutely hate it when people compare new artists to already established artists, but I can't help thinking "if Morissey was roommates with Ministry in college", even though he honestly sounds like neither.

"When I originally started this project in May 2003, it was a way for me to deal with the death of my mother from cancer in January of that same year. I don't think I really had any intentions of dragging it out this long."

Freddy still makes music but not under the name "This Song is a Mess, but So Am I".

Freddy's Myspace
Freddy's Homepage (more than several downloads)

git er done

Friday, May 23, 2008

review: Legowelt - Classics 1998-2003

I bought the mp3 album from last night, and is as awesome as a t-rex with robot arms and rocket launchers. The mood however, is less cybernetic t-rex, but more euro-horror-carpendertastic-electro-spy-thriller-orgasm. Some of the songs may seem a little too similar, but I definitely don't mind. This album is sweet, sweet, gravy. If you even THINK you like legowelt, than this is the album for you.

So I get my assignment and I have to track a west german operative carrying top secret documents concerning a communist plot so thick, so earth shattering, that not even I know what it's concerning. Our chase leads us across europe on the trans-europe express, and as I watch the old country unfold before me, I can't help but ponder what could possibly be so secret that I couldn't even be told about it. I finally track the target through the dirty ghettos of the hague. When I finally catch him, I learn more than I wish.

Suddenly everything changes as Wulfgang tells me what I innitally think are babbleings of a mad man. A tale of mindcontrol, interdimentional portals, the Occult, and government controlled zombies. I don't believe him untill a bullet misses me and shatters the framed picture on the wall behind us. Now both governments are after us, and we have to work together just to survive, and some how we must reverse the portal and save mankind.

The album sounds just like that.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Everybody listen to count dorkula!!!!

Sometimes, I like to get on myspace and search for band names I'm not sure exist or not, like "the violent gynocologists" or "stankfyst". Sometimes they do exist, and usually I am floored by the medocrity of their music.
"Count Dorkula" was More than the exception. His laidback far west desert vibes and are fan-fucking-tastic.

I'm serious, this shit is hotter than hell, like everything i like about folky grassy country music that I like distilled to perfection!!!!

Add his ass! (count dorkula's myspace, 2 more downloads!)

here's a song he added a while back that he took off for some reason....

Bette Davis Eyes

j-chot> her hair is hollow gold
crasyS> are you ok jchot
j-chot> Her lips sweet surprise
j-chot> Her hands are never cold
j-chot> She's got Bette Davis eyes
j-chot> She'll turn her music on
j-chot> You won't have to think twice
j-chot> She's pure as New York snow
j-chot> She got Bette Davis eyes
j-chot> And she'll tease you
j-chot> She'll unease you
j-chot> All the better just to please you
j-chot> She's precocious
j-chot> And she knows just what it
Lilly> vanilla ice?!
j-chot> Takes to make a pro blush
j-chot> She got Greta Garbo Stand off sighs,
j-chot> She's got Bette Davis eyes
crasyS> i think the new born bizzness is effecting his brain
j-chot> so fucking good
j-chot> go listen
crasyS> ok ok stop it spamzor bot i liste i liste
crasyS> shit must go
crasyS> latter
*** crasyS left #em411 [Leaving.]
j-chot> pussy

(Sexton Blake - Bette Davis Eyes )

Monday, May 19, 2008

van damme?

If Legowelt is the soundtrack to 70's coldwar spy dramas and italian zombie movies, WC olo Garb is 80's low budget cyberpunk and van damme movies (mostly bloodsport series). That is, if van damme movies were way more awesome. And also maybe set in space. Also this man makes the most awesome synth pron I HAVE EVER SEEN. You have got to check out his dx7 patches. Epic. shit. I totally forgot that this guy has the greatest most diverse collection of synths EVER.

Everytime i close my eyes, all I can see is future chainmail and lazer eyes.
and Jean Claude van damme.

making synth demos.

in a tanktop.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Unit Moebius Rules

They're so foreign and mysterious!
let's think of the state of dance music in 1992 for a minute. I don't know about you, but when I close my eyes, all I see are dayglo colors, c&c music factory, and maybe that huge plastic butt in the sir-mixalot video.
ok, with that in mind. Listen to this track:
Unit Moebius- Elevator

pretty cool huh?
now imagine being in a closed down warehouse filled with strobes on LSD, because that's pretty much what all the bunker record parties were. (watch this awesome documentary and start with part 2)
...or so I've read, I mean what the hell do I know, I'm just some hick with an internet connection.

P.S. it's really damn hard to purchase their music because they haven't reissued ANY of it, and there are no mp3s in any damn online retailer. Thankfully one can procure their stuff on soulseek.
they're anarchists, they won't mind.

Friday, May 9, 2008


I'm gonna be honest with you guys, this shit is staaaaale. I did this interview in september of 2006. Only I didn't really have a place for it untill now.


Skymall makes hard music

What is your real name?
Edward Eugene Perencevic 24/S/W/M

Where are you from?

What upcoming release are you excited about?
"Stars n' Bars" Split 12" with remixes by Doormouse on Addict Records

How/when did you get started making this music?
In High-school i was a singer in a hardcore band, then sang and did noise for a noise/grind band. I was really into the whole DHR scene when i was in highschool. Then when i went to college in 2000 and started listening to people like Oval, Kid 606, Squarepusher and Datach'i, and I also got really into the whole minimal/glitch scene with labels like Mille Plateaux(RIP) and Force. So around that time i bought a shitty drum machine and would make tracks using my girlfriend's computer and that "sound recorder" program windows used to have. which could only do about 4 things. but it was cool. those tracks are ridiculous. Actually my good friend Adam does a project right now all on sound recorder, you should check it out to see what I'm talking about: Ok, so i finally got a computer and started using sound-forge and i only made weird noise tracks...then shortly after that started hanging with otto von schirach and dino felipe, and they opened my eyes to all kinds of music i never heard before and it made me want to start making beats. And i've been doing the same shit ever since
..........oh yeah,i was also a minimal/tech house dj for a while back in 2001-2003 and I've been djing an IDM/Noise/Techno//// radio show on 90.5 FM in miami from 2002-Now called the "Electric Kingdom" (old electro track by Twilight 22):

What do you make music with?
Alot of things actually.
I Like using a lot of different programs because it sort of creates its own sound. It becomes unique, which is always nice with this music. When i use one program on a track i can tell the difference between that, and something i "experimented" more with. So right now, this is kind of the set up
Making sounds consists of recording things with a mic, sampling records, sound designing with soft synths and reaktor, circuit bending and layering effects on random shit. Then i'll go back and cut up what i made and have a new library of sounds.Then i start the track in either fruity loops or Nuendo. I like Nuendo, cause it's professional as fuck and sounds really good, and it allows me to use fruity loops inside of it as rewire plugin. So i can sync up two programs i really like at the same time. Then after i sequence abig chunk of the track i bounce/export separate pieces of it i.e. just kicks, just snares, whatever and open them up in soundforge where allthe magic happens. This is where the song gets sliced and fucked and pretty much becomes good. haha. I also use audiomulch hooked up to a midi controlller and will run pieces of the track through a shitload of vsts and record myself fucking with it.after everything is scrambled and dsp'd out i put it all back together again in nuendo. If i end up mastering the whole track i do it Wavelab

Who are you excited about right now?
Um, well for a while now I've been sweating Errorsmith. that guy is seriously amazing. I'm not sure if you know his stuff, but he does these tracks that sound super simple; Loops, very few sounds... but they slowly change and the sounds slowly peak out and change and morph and its seriously a head trip....
Also this label out of Germany called "miditonal" they put out real crazy techno. It's super fast, super heavy, noisy as fuck but still danceable....
ebola, that guy is just sick....
oh, candie hank!!! which is Patric C. from Ec8or, it's insane. it's like cartoon music/ real goofy. dancey at times....
Sun O.K. Papi K.O. amazing. part of scratchpetland. solo shit. this guy rules....
Other than that a lot of weird french techno that everyone loves now, all the bass music happening out of NYC with my boys Drop theLime and Mathhead, Dino Felipe is still the most talented person making music today. seriously. secret mommy, new mouse on mars is pretty heavy, Niobe is amazing. ok that's it for now.

What is your day job?
haha, right now i work retail. Woo. before that i was a chef, before that, a butcher,before thatI worked at a goodwill donations center, landscaping, blahblah blah.

where should/can I get your music?
Well. hm. i don't have that much out. I have a track on the Addict Records Barn Compilation, a track on the Mochipet "feel my china remix" cd, a track on the Otto V.S. "armpit buffet" remix cd, thenotto and i did this side project a few years ago called "megadebt"which is out on beta bodega/rice and beans, and really that's it. I guess if you google that shit you can find it, cause i really dont even have any of it.I think I'm done now.ok well, thanks.peace-ed--

rave on, UK peoples

"Police will not break up illegal raves because darkness is a health and safety risk"

haha! that's pretty silly, but good news nonetheless!

RIP Daniel Hansson

Poor Daniel,

So young and talented.

"...In August 2007 Elektron CEO and co-founder Daniel Hansson passed away in an unfortunate auto accident. It is in large part his creative vision and eye for detail that have made Elektron's products what they are today. The 45 Tribute pays homage to his creative genius and his philanthropic spirit. Artists from the Elektron community have taken their time and energy to contribute to this project freely in his honor.
All purchases of the 45 Tribute should be viewed as donations, as that's what your purchase translates to. All proceeds collected from the 45 Tribute will be donated to the
World Wildlife Fund. So you pay $5.00 for 30 songs, and you get to be a philanthropist in the process! POW!"

*ALL* These tracks are really good, you should go buy them!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

the king of chiptunes

it just happens that the first 2 posts are about chippy artists.

HOWEVER they don't come any chippier than this mother fucker. the man INVENTED the midi-nes. Yes, it's as cool as the name implies. (it's also 89$!!!!) ASK YOUR GRAMMA TO GET YOU ONE FOR CHRISTMAS.
COINCIDENTALLY, he also makes the best chiptunes I've ever heard. period. sorry 8bit peoples. Sorry 8bit-betty. Sorry 8-bit everyone, else Xik wins. HANDS DOWN. -this one is my absolute favorite.


Evan morris has a new album out, and the thing is pretty good, but the first track is THE TITS!

it's like a 16 bit unicorn running through a 8 bit fairytale castle, only the castle is made of PURE AWESOME!

it's chippy.
(and free)

this is my music blog