Friday, July 4, 2008

20 KNIVES new ep: Royal Invitation

This shit is awesome.

I wanna say "really melodic breakcore", but if you wanna spit hairs, this is really just IDM (ugh I hate that term) I'm gonna take a random guess, but I'm pretty sure that this was made in renoise. Intricate melodies cascade through some of the best sounding synthesis (organic sounding) I've heard (maybe ever). The whimsical textures and robotic speech paint a surreal tale of escape from life's problems, (a STARK difference to the theme of the movie "The Holy Mountain" which he's sampled for at least 1 or 2 of the songs.) and has a strange rustic-future fantasy feel to it. This music is quite unlike most stuff I've heard. It's definitely "chin stroking music" but not aloof or boring.

The song I've chosen for the blog is the last track of the EP is "Octopod Sings", and it's not like the rest of the album, as it's more/less a traditional song. (guitar, singing) but I really like it.

Bro used to be called "Pale" (before some bar-band from texas threatened to sued him) and he and Ed Flis (aka duranduranduran made this totally bitching song called "The Year of the Dragon" (good luck finding it) that's definitely worth looking up.

20Knives: Octopod Sings(this one's my fav) (his full album comes out soon!)

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jonbro said...

this ep is sooo good. I am jammin out hard to it. thx for the link.