Monday, July 14, 2008

Hawkwind and Underground Resistance (LINKS FIXED)

So I was noticed that Hawkwind and Underground Resistance have some striking similarities. These are the 2 songs that made me notice how similar both bands were.

These aren't their best songs, for more listening, I recommend the albums
Hawkwind- In Search of Space
Underground Resistance- Interstellar Fugitives
  1. Both have themes of future and space/spaceships
  2. Both released crap-loads of songs

  3. Both experimented with electronics (though UR was not as bold as Hawkwind)

  4. Both probably took alot of acid (I know Hawkwind did, I only have strong suspicions about UR)

  5. Both band's were practically revolving doors for their members with the exception of a few key-characters.
  6. Both were fairly anti-capitalistic (though UR is just plain obnoxious with their releases, Hawkwind were pretty reasonable)

Some differences include:

  1. Alot of UR's stuff sucks. The suck factor of Hawkwind is significantly less.

  2. Hawkwind- British experimental acid-space-rock, UR-militant Detroit techno

  3. Hawkwind had Lemmy (of Motorhead fame), while UR did not. (this makes Hawkwind SIGNIFICANTLY better than UR

  4. UR had black people in it, while Hawkwind was comprised entirely of pasty Englishmen (this incredible difference of melanin gives UR a sharp advantage in sunny weather.

  5. UR is pretty dark and dystopian, while Hawkwind is pretty upbeat and more or less positive most of the time (however, a fair share of songs are dark and scary)
  6. UR would probably win in a fight because even though they'd be out-numbered (maybe? how many people are in UR these days, 3?) , they're in pretty great shape; Also Hawkwind are a bunch of old men. HOWEVER, if Lemmy were to re-join the band, UR would not stand a chance. If Lemmy were in a wheelchair and was missing an arm, then it MIGHT be a fair battle.

UR's homepage

Hawkwind's homepage

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