Monday, July 7, 2008

This Song is a mess but so am I

So freddy posted almost everything he's done under the "This song..." moniker, due to the material's limited availibility.
I haven't listened to the other eps and albums, but
Is pretty dang awesome. Some of the songs are duds (in my opinion, but maybe I'm not looking at the big picture?) and some of them are just dripping with greatness. BEDRIDDEN AND DANCING is my absolute favorite. the lyrics are amazing.

Bridget do you remember
putting her in a pink dress?
dancing from bed, and when
she passed they sent pink flowers.
on that day when we were rained out of
the field for crying the cajun band played
with a pink microphone cable.
we knew and we laughed!

Some of the textures and sounds may take a little getting used to ( or you just might not like it at all) Some of my favorite songs resemble carnival music, only the carnival is run by ministry and someone stole all their guitars. This is the first "This song..." album, and the first few stages of coping with death are apparant from the start, (shock, anger). I've never heard electronic music be so sincearly emotional. His voice is so honest and real, it's very hard to misinterpret any of his feelings as overly dramatic or fake, despite the fact that he is screaming and convulsing over his mother's death.
oh mother give me strength. i've seen many faces
come out of frames but they all said the same things.
i've heard enough iam sorry's to last a lifetime. i know i am
too young to feel the way i do. but i saw the courage in your eyes.
and i know that over this hill is the sun.

As amazing as his lyrics surely are, the vocal mix is muddy and quiet, which really pisses me off. I know he does not have a "singer's voice" or whatever the fuck that means, but I don't care. all the better and more honest. Since his voice is so young and relatively "thin" he's decided that it's better off masked by sound, which I feel is a great mistake. To really appreciate this, you should read the lyrics (included in the zip file) along with the album.
Another suggestion about his art which I have no right to make is that I think he should sing with a little more melody. I dunno. maybe that's just me.
Hell, forget I said anything. The songs are amazing by themselves.
Freddy's Blog (even more free music therein)

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